Chris and Aidan!

For anyone interested in reading more about this year’s storylines.

(SPOILERS) Executive Producer Richard Jassek talks to Digital Spy on Chris' future storylines
DS: There's a feeling among the fans that the character of Chris could seem pretty isolated on the street with nearly everyone he's close to leaving the show. Do you have a new direction lined up for him?
Richard Jassek: "Definitely. Chris will find himself in some interesting situations this year, and while it appears his friends' circle has moved on, this is a character who is extremely warm and friendly and will never be on his own."
DS: With Chris and Aidan splitting up again, would you ever consider having Aidan stick around more permanently, or perhaps bring in a more long-term love interest for Chris?
Jassek: "I think the Chris and Aidan relationship has evolved beautifully. Aidan could certainly return in the future. However, for the moment, there will be more romantic opportunities for Chris."